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 BayInfoTech > Sun Products > Sun System Parts > External HDD and StorEdge Array Components(411 case, 611 case, 911 case, StorEdge FlexiPack, SSA 101

External HDD and StorEdge Array Components(411 case, 611 case, 911 case, StorEdge FlexiPack, SSA 101

411 Desktop Disk Pack Components

Multi-Disk Pack

SPARCstorage Array Model 101 Components

SPARCstorage Array Model 112 Components

SPARCstorage Array Model 114 Components

SPARCstorage Array Model 210 Components

SPARCstorage RSM Array

SPARCstorage UniPack (Disk)

SPARCstorage Unipack (Tape/CD)

StorEdge 3510 Components

StorEdge 9910

StorEdge A1000 Components

StorEdge D1000 Components

StorEdge MultiPack

StorEdge T3 Components

StorEdge T3+ Components

StorEdge A5000 Array

StorEdge A3500

StorEdge A3500FC

SPARCstorage Array Model 102 Components

SPARCstorage Array Model 200 Components

StorEdge 3310

StorEdge 6020/6120

StorEdge 6130 Array

StorEdge A5100 Array

StorEdge A5200 Components

StorEdge D240 Components

StorEdge L100 Tape Library

StorEdge L25 Tape Library

StorEdge SPARCstorage Flexipack

StorageTek 6140

StorEdge 3120

StorEdge 6020/6120 Array

StorEdge 6320

StorEdge 6920

StorEdge 9970

StorEdge 9980

StorEdge 9990

StorEdge C2

StorEdge C4

StorEdge D2

StorEdge L180

StorEdge L500

StorEdge L5500

StorEdge L700

StorEdge L8

StorEdge L8500

StorEdge S1

StorEdge 5210

Differential SCSI Disk Subsystem

StorEdge 3511 Components

StorEdge 3900

StorEdge 6900

StorEdge 6910 Components

StorEdge 3320 Components

StorEdge 9985 Components

StorageTek 2530 Components

StorageTek 2540 Components

StorEdge 5320 NAS

StorageTek 5220 NAS

StorageTek 6540

StorageTek 5210 NAS

SPARCcluster 1

SPARCcluster PDB

StorEdge L6000

Sun StorEdge N8200

Sun RSM Array 200

StorEdge 3500 Components

StorEdge 3910

StorEdge 3960

StorEdge 6960

StorEdge L7

StorEdge L9

StorEdge L20

StorEdge L40

StorEdge L60

StorEdge L1000

StorEdge L3500

Sun StorageTek 5320 NAS

StorEdge A3000

RSM Array 2000

Library ETL 4/1000

StorEdge F100

StorEdge L11000

StorEdge L1800

Storage 7110

Storage 7210

Storage 7410

StorageTek SL24

StorageTek SL48

Sun StorageTek LTO

StorageTek 2510

Storage J4200

Storage J4400

N8200 Components

Sun StorEdge A7000


SG-XTAPSDLT6R-B2-Z Sun StorEdge Bare SDLT 600 LVD SCSI Tape Drive, RoHS-6



330-2612 72inch Sun StorEdge Expansion Cabinet 2U Power Sequencer Keyswitch Filler Panel



SG-XDSK020C-72G 72GB Sun StorEdge MultiPack Disk Enclosure


Estimated shipping rates for computer memory under 1lb(2 kg) weight:
UPS Ground (USA only) $6 UPS 3 Day $9 Fedex 2 Day $12 Fedex overnight $19 International Express $32 USPS International Priority $21
Rates vary according to weight, distance and value.

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